Our Artist's Way

Our Artist's Way

I’m not a writer, at least that’s what I thought
but I was drawn to the idea of the Artist’s Way
to find the side of me that had remained hidden
that I wanted to uncover and explore

I was nervous but excited
didn’t know what to expect
when the doors of that first Zoom room opened
but my worries about not fitting in quickly vanished

over these three months
we’ve felt bad for not doing our homework
had weeks when life, other people or illness have conspired to derail us
weeks when we’ve had painful emotions surface
while bearing our souls in our morning pages

but we’ve seen new opportunities arrive in unexpected places
old passions rekindled and pursued
we’ve opened ourselves to new experiences and different ways of expression
challenged our assumptions about ourselves
and felt the weight lifting

and the constant,
the wonderful, joyous constant through it all
is this group

this group of talented, supportive, incredible people
who had never met before the Artist’s Way
who are scattered across the globe
but are close by when someone needs support, encouragement, or a lift

this group
all of you
that I look forward to being with every Monday

on our adventure into the creative unknown
we’ve shared Artist’s Dates and travels around the world
had the privilege of being led into a witchy corner
drawn colourful maps where we are the treasure at the centre of it all
been at the birth of a Synchronicity merchandise empire
felt our writing flow to the ethereal melody of Clair de Lune
and been guided into the stillness of our minds
to emerge calm, warm and at peace

and, we’ve had KK
gentle, welcoming KK, our guide on our adventure
creating and nurturing this sacred place
while giving us the space we needed
to learn, grow and connect

thank you all for making this a journey I’ll never forget
a journey I don’t want to end
and a journey I hope we are only just beginning,