How a Jar of Awesome Could Help Keep Your Imposter Syndrome Under Control

How a Jar of Awesome Could Help Keep Your Imposter Syndrome Under Control
Photo by Diego PH / Unsplash

Imposter syndrome wields enormous power when you aren't clear on your successes or proven abilities.

It presents you with flawed evidence when taken at face value. Left unchecked, it can leave you paralysed, unable to progress and depriving the world of all you have to give. No more.

It's time to tap into your Jar of Awesome.

🍯 What is a jar of awesome?

It can be a real or virtual container.

Write down anything that shows what you can do, the positive feedback you've received, the successes you've had or the challenges you've overcome, and drop them into the jar.

Whenever your inner critic starts whispering in your ear, filling you with self-doubt, simply draw a golden nugget out of the jar and look at the evidence and show it to the critic.

🍯 What's in my jar of awesome?

I regularly write down things people have said, store snippets of feedback emails or write down things I know I have accomplished. It's surprisingly easy to forget, downplay or credit others with your past achievements otherwise.

My jar lives in Obsidian as a series of text notes tagged as awesome. I regularly browse my Jar of Awesome folder for inspiration or to ground me. This acts as a boost whenever I'm starting to doubt myself.

Recently, it's helped me find confidence in career planning when I can look back at what I'm capable of.

You are awesome and if you don't have your own jar, start today. I expect you will have plenty to fill it with.

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