Taking a Break Inspired Me to Run Again

While on holiday in North Devon I re-connected with the outdoors and was reminded about how great exercise is for my well-being.

sailing boats in the harbour at Watermouth Cove North Devon
Watermouth Cove, North Devon

I’ve just come back from a trip to North Devon and the time away from work and in the outdoors has reminded me how great exercise is for my well-being. Despite knowing this I’ve been very inactive of late.

I took several walks along the Southwest Coast Path, which is filled with steep descents followed by equally steep ascents as it winds its way along the rugged coastline.

Interestingly, I was transported back 5 years and seeing my younger self running these same routes training for the Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon.

The walking this trip was really hard and I realised how much my fitness had reduced over this time and my weight had increased.

Rather than being demoralised when confronted with this strong image of my fitter self, I felt inspired.

Inspired surrounded by the spectacular coastline, the tranquillity of the path, the exertion and sense of achievement at reaching the top of each hill.

Most of all I was inspired by remembering just what I’m capable of if I show up, be consistent and trust in the process.

I remembered how much I love running and how good it feels to be outside exercising.

I’ve now dusted off my original run/walk plan when I first started running and it’s time to trust that process once again.

Views of Watermouth and Ilfracombe from the Southwest Coast Path
Views of Watermouth and Ilfracombe from the Southwest Coast Path
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